Thursday, October 22, 2009


I've been asked to direct the Ward's 40's Radio Show! It's exactly what it sounds like, a radio show, done just like in the 40's, but with an audience. Each ward has 20 minutes to perform their show and a commercial. Great fun!

Will be driving a car up to Bethany one of these days soon. She is doing EXTREMELY well. 102% on her written test and 100% on her floor test! Yay! She is LOVING it!

Lauren & Ashley are working on getting their driver's permit. Please hurry girls!

Cameron is almost as tall as me.... Rude!

We are holding strong with 5 chickens and 1 dog. Considering getting a turkey and a pig.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


At the end of September, Ashley had her tonsils taken out. On top of having to recover from that, she got this awful flu. Then Lauren had it, then Cameron had it, then I had it, then Ashley had it, then I had it, then Lauren had it.

And here we are all the way into October already!

Trying to catch up from all things left undone because of the flu is the name of the game now! Hope you are all well!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thomas from St. Thomas

During our vacation to the Virgin Islands, we spent a day on St. Thomas. We enjoyed our time wandering in and out of shops and through the throngs of people. At the end of the day, as we searched for refreshment, we came upon a man carving hummingbirds out of coconut husks. We stopped to watch. We asked him his name. "I am Thomas" was his reply. As we talked we learned that Thomas' dream was to come to America and take art classes. He spoke of his two children ages 9 and 13. Bart and Cameron were more interested in finding that refreshment and left us.

Then, speaking with drunken ease, Thomas asked me, "Ah dese all yuh dau-tuhs, mommi?".
"Yes, these are all mine."
He asked my oldest, "You a cook?"

At this time, Thomas' buddy, who had been standing next to me, began speaking directly to me and in his Caribbean accent said, "I like to cook. I cook for myself and it pleases me that I can cook for myself. As a little child I stood by my mommi learning how to cook. So today I can cook for myself. But, when my girlfriend cooks for me I am filled with happiness. It is good when someone fills you with love by cooking for you."

I agreed with him and turned back to the conversation with my girls - which had gone something like this:

Thomas: "Yoo know how to cook?"
Bethany: "Well, not very well, but I'm learning."
Thomas: "What's your code?"
Bethany: "Um, I don't think I have a code."
Thomas: "Yeah? So, what's your code?"
Bethany: "Really, I don't have a code."

As I returned to the conversation at this point, Thomas asked, "Ah yoo havin' eny mo-uh babies, mommi?"

HaHaa! "No! I'm not having any more babies. Shops closed now."
Thomas: "Why yoo not have mo-uh babies?"
Me: "Because if I have more babies, I couldn't come see you."
Thomas: "Oh! You come to see me!"

At this point he nodded his head toward Bethany who he had been trying to get her phone number (code) and said,
"I likah yoo dau-tuh, mommi!"

His buddy nodded in agreement. My daughters and I laughed and I said, "I like my daughter, too! 'Bye Thomas!" and off we quickly went to find Bart and Cameron!

We laughed and laughed at that for the rest of the day! And now, when we are all together and it has quieted down, one of us will pipe up and say,

"I likah yoo dau-tuh, mommi!"

And the laughter begins again......

Bethany, Ashley, Lauren waiting for Ferry to take us from St. Thomas to St. John

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here She Is

Miss Bethany Marie Child - This High School Graduate!